Great News for Perth Edible Oil Buyers

Your wholesale oil warehouse has just moved to larger premises, closer to a freeway, which means that they can handle more free deliveries than they could before.

Another big benefit for smaller buyers is that smaller sizes of container are now available.

Free delivery for quantities of 40L and upwards.

This makes sense. Cost of petrol is the same whether you are delivering ten containers of 200L each, or 40L. So don’t expect free delivery of 5L – you’ll want to pick it up!
You’ll have to phone the cool number at the right to find out if you can get free delivery to where you want it. You wouldn’t expect free delivery to Mandurah, even though it’s supposed to be part of Perth still.

Smaller – 5L – containers now available

Santo took pity on the smaller users of extra virgin cold pressed organic coconut oil and even users of refined coconut oil. He had noticed that it took some users two years to get through a 20L drum. You aren’t getting the best out of your coconut oil if you eat such small quantities, but you can now buy smaller quantities, if that’s what you want.

Coconut oil is now available in 5L, 10L, 15L, and 20L containers.

You probably know that coconut oil melts at a low temperature. Best oil melts a little below 20C and refined oil melts a little above 20C. So in the Summer, you can expect to buy your wholesale coconut oil in a container that allows you to pour it out. In the winter, you may get it in buckets with lids, from which you spoon out as much of the solid oil as you want.

Low cost to buy coconut oil in Perth

I have just come back from Scotland and now realize how lucky we are to have a friendly wholesaler in Perth.

The cheapest coconut oil that I could get was from Amazon in the USA. Even that was so expensive that I would have to be wealthy to use it, but I couldn’t track down a cheaper vendor on the Internet.

That meant that I used about 125gm of organic butter each day. However I prefer the flavour of coconut oil to butter and was glad to get back to Perth, where I could enjoy coconut oil once more.

I know that butter is much more healthy than margarine, but coconut oil has even greater health benefits than butter. I did manage to lose 7Kg by eating butter in three months, but I’ve lost more since getting home and changing to coconut oil. It’s great for slimming, because you just eat as much coconut oil as you like (get recipes you like) and it gets rid of your craving for carbohydrates.

The healthiest coconut oil is still twice as expensive as the refined coconut oil, but don’t think of it as a minor part of your diet.
If you eat 150ml of coconut oil each day, that is about a thousand KiloCalories so you won’t have to buy a thousand KC of carbohydrates each day. You won’t have the terrible hunger of diabetes either – coconut oil satisfies your hunger.

If you buy the best coconut oil in 20L cans that will cost you about $1.65 per day – how does that compare with the cost of the carbohydrates that can make you obese and give you diabetes? If you think that you can’t hide 150ml in stews, scrambled eggs, “milk” shakes with coconut oil replacing butterfat, and home-made chocolates you will be pleasantly surprised when you try it.

However, as I started to say, you can now buy 5L containers if you don’t want the maximum benefits.

Remember, this is an edible oil wholesaler

That means that you can’t expect someone to sit behind the counter all day in the hopes that someone will come in and buy 5L of coconut oil.

So always phone 0418945310 beforehand. Please be patient, because if the driver is making deliveries, and is negotiating an dangerous intersection, he can’t be distracted by the phone. I have never had to phone again, but I’ve had to wait quite a time for the phone to be answered – safety is important.

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