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Where to Find Virgin Coconut Oil in Perth

Discover why and where to find virgin coconut oil in Perth WA

Better still, organic virgin coconut oil preferably cold pressed coconut oil.

That is if you can afford the best virgin organic coconut oil. Otherwise try phoning the cool number on the right for lower prices.

Why should you use the coconut oil raw? Surprisingly there are fewer benefits than with the other edible oils. You see, in most oils the benefit (and flavour) are in the impurities, so once you remove the impurities you have a liquid only good as a cooking oil. However most of the goodness is in the actual oil that is left behind when you have thrown away all the impurities. Admittedly the extraction process leaves chemicals behind that shouldn’t be there, but not in very large quantities.

So what are the benefits of virgin coconut oil as compared with refined coconut oil? Very little, though some people might not agree with me there. In theory there might be some left from the chemicals that are used for refining. You lose the flavor during refining, but most people think that’s a good thing for cooking. The impurities in raw oil are converted to trans-fats during frying for instance, but not much of this happens, so the raw oil is not as dangerous for cooking as other unrefined oils are. Theoretically you should never do high-temperature cooking (e.g. frying, barbecuing, roasting…) because it converts some of your food to more toxic compounds than you’d get from the oil.

The trouble is, if you own a commercial food establishment, your customers are going to want high-temperature cooking, so you should use refined coconut oil for such cooking.

Where to find virgin coconut oil in Perth
OK, in the past I would have recommended Tropical Traditions Extra Virgin Coconut Oil because it is such extremely high quality, but the only Australian supplier found that the glass bottles were getting smashed in transit, which was too expensive. That oil was produced in the Philippines sent to the USA, then exported back here, which was silly.

Where to get small quantities of virgin coconut oil in Perth or at least buy virgin coconut oil in WA

Stay Healthy @ Morley Shop 41 Centro Galleria Russell Street MORLEY 6062
Healthy Notions Shop 8 Eaton Fair S/C EATON 6232
The Good Life Shop @ Midland Shop T04 Midland Gate S/C MIDLAND 6056
Health Kick @ City Central Shop 3 166 Murray Street PERTH 6000
Rivive Health Foods Shop 1 120 Bussell Highway MARGARET RIVER 6285
Alive Organics Shop 7 515 Walter Road East MORLEY 6062
Broome Natural Wellness Shop 20 Boulevarde Shopping Ct Frederick Street BROOME 6725
Goldfields Organics Incorporated 183 Collins Street KALGOORLIE 6430
Organic on Charles Shop 7/299 Charles Street NORTH PERTH 6006

I like this list of where to buy virgin coconut oil because it lists virgin coconut oil Australia, or at least I think its packaged in Australia. So if you’re determined to have raw coconut oil for whatever virgin coconut oil benefits there are – go for it. I use a lot, so I’ll still phone the cool number at the top of the right hand column to get refined or raw coconut oil wholesale. Either way, I now know where to find virgin coconut oil in Perth, of whatever quality.