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If you’re looking for Perth olive and coconut wholesale oil in Western Australia you’ve come to the right place.

There are two main reasons why you might be looking for olive oil or coconut edible oil at discount prices

  • You have a restaurant in Perth and you need raw olive oil for salads and oil for cooking as well.
  • You are a health conscious end user and you don’t like paying twenty two dollars for 150 ml of oil (coconut)

First I’ll discuss the end user because you and I just slip in as an afterthought for this wholesaler. You can buy as little as 20 liters of oil from coconuts for less than a hundred dollars. Think of it…if we bought that much at $22 for 150 ml it would cost us nearly three thousand dollars! So you couldn’t afford to use 150 ml each day as I do. However I get a four month supply for under $100. That’s what I call a bargain. If you use only 50 ml each day then 20 liters would last you for a year.

Update: I now get the cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil which is going up from $220 for 20 litres because of the fall in the Australian dollar.

Now, if you own a restaurant or hotel in Western Australia, the first thing you’re going to want to know is what are the delivery arrangements. Well, if you are outside of Perth you’re definitely out of luck. There is free delivery for quantities as little as 40 liters if your business is near enough to Balcatta for convenient delivery. Ask them if you qualify for free delivery. If you are not near enough you’ll have to pay for third-party transport. If you are outside of Western Australia this supplier of Perth olive and coconut wholesale oil is not for you.

If you have a restaurant you already know which is the best oil for your purposes, and can choose from this list.

  • coconut oil
  • olive oil
  • canola oil
  • high oleic sunflower oil
  • cottonseed oil
  • vegetable type oil

For instance Olive oil is arguably the oil best to sprinkle on salads, and coconut oil is the only veg oil that doesn’t become toxic when heated for frying or roasting for example. Vegetable oils all go rancid quickly because they are unsaturated. Coconut oil doesn’t go rancid or produce trans-fatty acids when heated, because it is made of short-chain saturated fats. Saturation prevents rancidity (that’s why margarine is saturated) and short-chain fats are digested for energy, unlike long-chain fats. You couldn’t spread margarine if it was polyunsaturated because it would be liquid.

Now if you are a newcomer to buying oils, you may not have realized that there is the same problem with quantities that you have when you buy petrol. The liquid expands as it heats up. So if you buy your fuel early in the morning, you can expect the amount in your tank to have increased later in the day.

When you choose your veggie oil for sale the same thing will happen. They can’t fill a drum up to the top, because when it heats up there would be nowhere for your vegetable oil to go, so the drum would burst. So don’t be surprised if you buy a 200 litre drum of oil wholesale in the winter and it weighs more than one you get in the summer, even though it is the same food oil.

So don’t think you are being cheated. It’s just a fact of life that solid oil of coconuts weighs more than liquid, but they can’t pour solids into drums, so they have to heat it up to melt it to pour it into drums and the weight will go down. If instead of buying Perth olive and coconut wholesale oil you buy 150 ml at a time, the same problem exists, but on a smaller scale.